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del arhivo de John Agather

Avion de PanAm en los 30's tomando gasolina en el muelle viejo del Malecon. & ss

With Reuben Goossens

Maritime Historian

SS Corsair IV


For many years the author had a folder somewhere in the system containing the ships details as well as a series of photographs of this remarkable small classic vessel. She certainly was not one of the great liners of the world, for she was built and designed to be a luxury yacht that would later become a deluxe cruise ship. Many of my regular readers may say that this ship does not fit the profile of, however, I believe that this delightful ship has a special place in maritime history, for sadly so little has been written about her! It was only due to an email received from a reader with an enquiry regarding this ship, which prompted me to write and compile this story, and I trust that it will be greatly enjoyed by those who read it, although the Corsair did have a tragic end!

We see the ship here as the 1947 Pacific Cruise Lines SS Corsair having been sold and completely renovated into a passenger ship from a private luxury yacht Corsair IV

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